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Team Building

Kettunen Center’s Team Building Program is a team-building/low-ropes initiatives program designed for ages 10 years and older. We provide a low-ropes course, team-building activities plus indoor and outdoor activities and initiatives designed to help the group focus on team skills such as communication, trust, leadership, fellowship, self-esteem, decision-making and problem-solving. Trained facilitators guide participants through challenges designed to help build confidence, teamwork, and unity.

A wide variety of team building programs can be designed utilizing the Kettunen Center’s resources. We offer cooperation and team building programs for youth, adolescents, and adults. The primary purpose of these programs is to challenge members of a group to overcome a series of obstacles by working together. All programs are conducted on-site at Kettunen and are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. All facilitation, instruction, and equipment are provided by Kettunen Center staff.

Our Team Building experiences consist of warm-up activities, goal setting, low-ropes team building initiatives emphasizing safety, and group processing. The goal is to give the group an opportunity to address specific issues for effective team development. The results in each group are creative, fun, and helpful in building group cohesiveness. Challenges are physical, but not athletic. Challenges are intellectual, but not rocket science. All challenges are team-oriented. Success or failure is not based on speed or skill, but on developing as a team.

Experiential activities performed as a group are an invaluable tool in trying to create or strengthen a team. Those organizations that realize this, are often the ones that achieve a higher degree of success. Kettunen Center can help your organization take the next step forward with activities designed to improve the performance of your people and organization.

Our Team Building initiatives have proved to be a great addition to adult events at Kettunen Center as a get acquainted session, setting the stage for planning meetings or the theme of a retreat. Our certified instructors are prepared to meet the needs of each group and facilitate a safe, fun and effective way to work on group issues and enhance team dynamics.

School groups, 4-H, and other youth groups of 12 youth or more can schedule a one-day program any time of the year by contacting the Kettunen Center program staff. 

Kettunen Center offers a variety of programs/activities that are sure to help your team succeed by enhancing:
Communication: Each activity puts your group in situations that requires a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication. Our program helps people develop skills to engage in open and honest communication.
Respect: Each activity creates opportunities that inspire participants to gain respect for their peers and recognize others' gifts and talents.
Encouragement: Our programs facilitate an atmosphere of encouragement and helps your group identify meaningful ways to carry that atmosphere into their day-to-day interactions.
Problem Solving: We offer activities that facilitate and improve goal setting and problem solving by individuals and by the group.
Safety: Our programs emphasize each participants' role in creating an environment of emotional and physical safety and their impact on the team's advancement. We encourage safe, appropriate risk taking in a caring environment.
Trust: As your group commits to increasingly difficult challenges, they will begin to develop a deeper level of trust in themselves and every member of the group.
Team work: Our programs foster mutual support and teamwork within a group and the importance of each member's contributions within that group.

All our programs are designed to identify the value of individual differences and promote feelings of personal confidence, accomplishment, responsibility, leadership, and self-worth.

All of our programs are adaptable to your group's needs and goals, as well as time & financial constraints. Contact Kettunen Center program staff for more information at (231) 829-3421 or email here.

The key to success in any kind of organization is not always working harder...sometimes it is knowing how to work together!