"I have conducted professional trainings throughout the state of Michigan. It is clear to me that my favorite place for training is at Kettunen Center."

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General Policies

Alcoholic Beverages
Your organization may bring in alcohol to the Kettunen Center. We cannot provide it or serve it for you. Alcohol may not be consumed in the presence of youth guests. If youth is on property you may consume alcohol in your meeting and lodging rooms, not in public common areas. We appreciate your cooperation in observance of our alcohol policy when youth are on site.

Animals (with the exception of service animals for the disabled) are not permitted in the facility unless they are part of animal-related events. The ADA defines a service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.

Kettunen Center shall have the right to make announcements in the interest of public safety, proper operation of the building, crowd control, and compliance of rules, regulations, laws, etc. Group Coordinators may use the PA system when needed, please make arrangements during business hours.

ATM Banking Machine
There is an ATM machine in the town of Tustin at the Osceola State Bank, 3 miles from Kettunen Center.

Audio Visuals
Kettunen Center offers a wide variety of A/V equipment. Please contact your Kettunen Center Conference Coordinator prior to your event to set up any A/V details.

Carts and Dollies
Kettunen Center provides carts and dollies. They are staged at move-in/out area and are available on a first come basis.

Standard lodging Check-in time is 4pm and Check-out time is 10am. Please have rooms vacated by this time. Groups desiring to arrive before 4pm or depart after 10am need to make arrangements in advance with your Conference Coordinator.

Facilities and dates are considered confirmed or under contractual commitment only upon execution of a Contract by the event sponsor and the Kettunen Center specifying all details of the commitment. Space and dates are considered tentative until that time. A Contract is required for all events held at the Center.

At the conclusion of the event move-out, a final inspection will be scheduled to identify and specify any damages resulting from the event. Kettunen Center will make its best efforts to inform Group Coordinator of any damages as soon as discovered and will provide copies of damage reports and photographs when applicable. The cost of repair of any damages is the Rental Group’s responsibility. Kettunen Center will provide repair services and cost estimates upon request.

Decorations and Signs
Decorations, signs, banners and streamers may be attached by using tape provided by Kettunen Center. Glitter, confetti, and adhesive back decals are prohibited. Any costs incurred by Kettunen Center from the use of, removal of such items will be billed to the Group accordingly.


The Michigan 4-H Foundation is committed to the principles of equal opportunity, nondiscrimination and affirmative action. Programs, activities and facilities are available to all without regard to race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, political persuasion, sexual preference, marital status, disability or age. The Michigan 4-H Foundation is an affirmative action/equal opportunity organization that is classified as a non-profit public foundation. The Michigan 4-H Foundation works toward full compliance with the provisions set down in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This law intends to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities

Disruptive Persons or Activities
Kettunen Center shall have the right to enter any portion of the premises and to eject any disruptive persons.

Emergency Situations
1) 1) Medical Incidents: In the event of a serious medical emergency, call 911 to report it immediately. Follow-up with Kettunen Center staff by reporting to the front office. If it is after-hours, please contact the director. Each house phone has numbers posted for easy access.

2) Medical/Damage/Other Incidents: Kettunen Center requires that all incidents be formally documented on an Incident Report Form, which is available in the main office.

3) Weather Related Emergencies: During severe weather it may become necessary to relocate to safer areas of the building designed to withstand winds higher than normal, such as a tornado. If a tornado warning is issued for our area, Kettunen Center staff will be on hand to notify and direct event attendees to safer areas of the Center.

Equipment Rental
Equipment rentals are available through the main office at the Center.

First Aid
First Aid kits are located throughout the Kettunen Center:
Main Lobby, Main Office, Kitchen, Lower Mawby, Lower Cedar, Maintenance Building. An AED is also located in the main building near the library.

Food and Beverage Services
No outside food may be brought into the facility, without prior approval. Your Event Coordinator will be happy to assist with all arrangements for your event.  Red, purple or orange beverages are not permitted in any of the buildings or lodging rooms, due to the possibility of staining.

Freight will only be accepted one day prior to the designated move-in day(s). Kettunen Center will not accept any C.O.D. deliveries. All freight should be clearly marked with the official name of the event as well as the contact person.  A storage fee will be charged for shipments accepted prior to move-in day. Storage is subject to availability. Kettunen Center does not provide outbound shipment arrangements; therefore, Center users are responsible for making these arrangements and should do so in advance of the event.  Prior to arranging the shipment of materials, the Conference Coordinator at Kettunen Center must be notified in advance of the group's plans to store materials on premise.  The Center is not responsible for shipments of freight leaving the building. Materials for seminars and conferences will be accepted no more than five (5) working days in advance of an event and a shipping/handling fee will be charged.

Ice is not provided with the room rental. Please consult the Conference Coordinator, who is available to assist in making arrangements for ice.

For the convenience of our guests we provide free wireless service throughout the facility. Please note that it is intended for casual use such as checking emails. We make no guarantees regarding the availability or quality of wireless service.

Lost and Found
Kettunen Center’s lost and found is located in the main office. All items turned in will be forwarded to that office, and in turn, all inquiries regarding lost items should be referred to our front desk staff.

All parking at Kettunen Center is complimentary. Please park in designated marked parking areas.

Cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. Checks should be payable to Kettunen Center. The Master Account bill is 30 days after the event. Individual lodging payment is due upon arrival.

Power Failures
While a power failure is unlikely to occur, Kettunen Center wants the Group Coordinator to know what to do in case of a partial or total loss. Power failures can occur due to a number of causes. Severe weather and/or power interruptions from our main distribution source would be the main causes. Kettunen Center is equipped with an emergency power generator designed to restore power to key areas within seconds of a major power failure. Emergency power would be restored to the exits, both public and non-public areas. During a power failure it is not necessary to evacuate the Center. It is important for each person to remain where they are and wait for further instructions. As with all emergencies, Kettunen Center personnel will be on hand to pass on information as it becomes available.

Public Areas
Lobbies, lounges, dining room, waterfront, recreation areas, parking lot and exterior grounds are considered public areas. All activities utilizing public areas, such as registration, special exhibits or displays, etc. must be approved in advance. Activities in public areas must take into consideration the requirements of other Guests utilizing the facility.

Kettunen Center does not provides security personnel for events. Groups may utilize security that has been approved by Kettunen Center. You may discuss your security needs with your Event Coordinator.

Kettunen Center is a smoke free facility. There are marked smoking stations located outside on the property.

Utility Services
Costs for extra utility services not provided by Kettunen Center including electrical, telephone and Internet service will be the customer’s responsibility. These charges will be assessed at prevailing utility rates.

Kettunen Center’s property is wheelchair accessible, including lodging, dining and meeting areas.